Author: Hasin Arefin Khan

Success of Mobile Games

Mobile Gaming Addiction growing backward? 
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Even with concurrent success rate of mobile games, this has not been increased recently. At least recent studies prudent that. Along with millions of hours of working and thousands people’s heartfelt effort, we can now anticipate the success of mobile games and celebrate the serenity as well. We can now look forward and see a new horizon pulling up by the smartphone users who are repeatedly influencing the gaming companies to something more exciting, more alluring and more signifying. (more…)


Predictions for the Mobile Gaming Market in coming years

Mobile Gaming shall rule Market in coming decades.
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Right from the moment the first raging angry bird destroyed the first pig’s wooden castle, this world has been drawing parallels between mobile gaming and its console and all other PC forerunners.

As mobile gaming is very likely chosen as more accessible and comparatively easier to play, some are on contrary are quick to point out that games may not be as deep and involving as console and PC games. In coming year these could all changes. Remember back in 2012, mobile gaming was all progressed by leaps and bounds. With all hardware advances, as well as greater smartphone adoption it quite seems now carrying something as equivalent of roaming around with gaming system in the pockets along. In coming years we’ll see even greater maturation of mobile gaming as the industry continues to make more money and attract more serious attention from big-hitters like EA and Disney. (more…)


Less Time and More Money, is The New Strategy

Games are easy to progress since more and more cheeky offers available there now in the game!
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Do you know even with so many new attributes attaining in mobile gaming technology changing smallest details for gamer better experience, all the enlisted high rated top scoring mobile games that are in 2015 are exactly the same ones that were at the top of the charts from back in 2012 and this little piece of statistical information is enough to describe the incessant domination of a very few handful of apps who are actually making money in very less of time compared to others is starting to take its toll on the audience even today. Causing gamer to spend more money on game to build up quicker making them actually play and finish it in less time these days, this probably could be the new mull of this generation’s gamer. (more…)