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Less Time and More Money, is The New Strategy

Games are easy to progress since more and more cheeky offers available there now in the game!
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Do you know even with so many new attributes attaining in mobile gaming technology changing smallest details for gamer better experience, all the enlisted high rated top scoring mobile games that are in 2015 are exactly the same ones that were at the top of the charts from back in 2012 and this little piece of statistical information is enough to describe the incessant domination of a very few handful of apps who are actually making money in very less of time compared to others is starting to take its toll on the audience even today. Causing gamer to spend more money on game to build up quicker making them actually play and finish it in less time these days, this probably could be the new mull of this generation’s gamer. (more…)


iWarehouse – a good puzzle game to check IQ


To test IQ, as well as to increase IQ or even just for fun, people like to play puzzle games. IQ of a person can be tested in many ways. But Puzzle games are one of the best options to test it. Because, people always love to test IQ while having fun at the same time. iWarehouse is a puzzle game and according to me, this is the best puzzle game compared to similar games of the genre. (more…)