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6 Incredible Mobile Gaming Facts You Didn’t Realize Before!

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What’s up gamers?? Enough of talking about serious issues. Today, let’s go through some entertaining and incredible mobile gaming facts that you had never realized before. It’s exceptionally true and contemporary a well-acknowledged mater that the demand of mobile games and apps development for everyday life has exploded. Thankfully, our addicted nature to download mobile games and predominant integration of apps embraced the necessity of open-ended progress of this arena. (more…)


Funniest shooting game “Shoot The Monkey” for iOS device

Shoot the monkey - the funniest shooting game

Looking for an interesting and funny shooting game? Then I think “Shoot the monkey” should be the best option for you. The game starts with a funny incident where you can see a man bathing in the river suddenly starts screaming. Few monkeys will steal that man’s things like cloths, underwear etc. As a result, the guy faces an embarrassing situation. And as you are playing this game, you’ll play on that guy’s role. (more…)