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    Rise Up Labs - an independent studio, founded in 2009 & stationed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are fast growing mobile game & app developer, on a mission of designing fun, challenging, no cost unique games & apps in iOS, Android and Windows devices.

    With the success of Tap Tap Ants on iPhone, iPod and iPad (millions of downloads and still counting), Rise Up Labs has became the forefront of game development industry in Bangladesh and one of the most well known indie game developers in the world. Highway Chase, Rooftop Frenzy, iWarehouse, Bubble Attack and Shoot The Monkey are just few other games in our rapidly expanding portfolio.

    We make our games & apps available for free for all mobile users around the world. Within this short span of time, we have prepared ourselves with updated methodologies, technical expertise and a highly qualified skilled team of dedicated professionals to deal with various distinct forthcoming challenges that we might face.

    Everyone of our team is passionate about what we do and strive to create fun, challenging, no cost unique titles on multiple platforms. We are so excited and thrilled to develop games & apps that we love, in hopes that you will love them too. We just want to give people more ways to have fun and enjoy their lives.

    Check out our games page for the full view and stay up to date with the latest news and blog.

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  • Award

    National Mobile Application Award 2014

    Category: Entertainment & Lifestyle

    Game: Tap Tap Ants: Battlefield