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Risup Labs has launched a new augmented reality app- 1952. To educate and inspire young generations. Also help them to learn more about the heroic achievement and glory of our Language Movement.

The Importance of 1952

One who doesn’t know about the past will usually not value the future. The reason is simple. However, everyone has their roots. They love to learn about their history, their place. The history of our country is also beautiful and sad at the same time, especially because of 1952. The independence we are enjoying today had a considerable price. But, today, after all those days, we are an independent nation. For instance, we have our name and set of rules. We value them now. But, for us to understand it, we have to go through the proper history. Therefore, everyone should be aware of it. This augmented reality app is here for that.

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CT Minister, Zunaid Ahmed Palak launched the app officially. In addition, in “Digital Innovation Fair-2017” at Bangladesh Shishu Academy. He welcomed the innovative idea of sharing the language movement knowledge through an app and mentioned, “4.27 Crore students from 1.70 Lakh schools will be benefited with this app. They will learn the history and heritage of our 1952 language movement.”

In the Language Movement of 1952, Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar, and many others met their martyrdom. Also, they saved our language with their blood and injuries. UNESCO recognized this fateful event and declared 21st February as the International Mother Language Day on 17 November 1999. However, “১৯৫২” app is based on Augmented Reality (AR). Where a computer-based graphic description and animation of our Language Movement in 1952 is encrypted. When you point the camera on a 2 taka note.


In conclusion, “১৯৫২” app is a new technology and tactful way for playful kids, youngsters. And people of all ages. To learn the history and cognition of International Mother Language Day. This augmented reality app 1952 is available for free in Google Play Store.

Learn about VR! Therefore, this is going to change the game in the near future. If anybody is patient enough, only then it is possible. Otherwise, this can be a tough job. The reason is simple. Both the techs have a lot of things to discover.

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