Blending all leaderboards into one can be good for mobile game industry or bad?

It’s an era of mind games, thinking something new, something innovative, something that will break the whole existing process and set a new system that can change our life. Since when we are upgraded to mechanical life from our previous organic life, mobile games started becoming part of people life and its’ extensive growth proves how much people love this tech.

But there’s lot of expectations in peoples’ mind and the limitations what they’re mostly sure of not getting. If we think of the limitations inside the mobile game industry, the first thing that came up in my mind is – different platforms with different leaderboards. And how comes it’s a limitation? Yes, what I think is – these leaderboards are the only thing that divided the mobile game industry into some pieces rather than aggregating/combining the whole industry under one system.

Are you a mobile gamer? Do you like games? If your answer is yes, then you might also feel in the same way I feel as a gamer! Again, if your answer is yes for my previous two questions, but you think I’m wrong about this; then I ask you imagine something about the game industry and the actual fun of games, where all mobile gamers around the world will be united through ONE LEADERBOARD!

What crazy gamers think!
What crazy gamers think!

You must have found the reason of what I think about it. Yet not? Okay, think again – the game world full of challenges, lot of friends and envy friends (friends who’re happy to envy with his/her mates, LOL), or think about the games Clash of Clan or Clash of king, which has their own server to load the full game and they reconcile their gamers through one server so that people can play with anyone from any place over the world. Here, I’m saying the same thing. If mobile game industry had one leaderboard, and all gamers could find anyone from anywhere. They could have challenge them, become friends, beat their scores or suggest to play some multiplayer games!

If you read carefully my previous paragraph, you might doubt the reason I’m trying to uphold and think – different OS has its own leaderboard and do the same what I said. BUT, I’m saying to blend up the whole thing together! Which means no Game-Center, no Google-Play leaderboad or, no Game-Circle; one leaderboard for any device. It can be the best possible way to enlarge Mobile Game Industry and double the fun of mobile games. And everyone love gaming, even the kids! You might have a question, how will this enlarge the mobile game industry? I’ll find the answer by your own if you read through the next paragraphs.

mobile game industry
Everyone loves games

Gamers always expect more from the industry, they want – more fun, more action, more challenge and a better way to enjoy their game time. But, the LIMITATIONS! We all know, it’s a business and no one cares about nothing but upgrade their own business and getting money from it. So, it’s just the expectations of mobile gamers.

Let’s put aside the business and think of a game world with a bit hope where all mobile gamers will be united! What could be the amusing part of that game world? You must have played the ant smasher game Tap Tap Ants, or the fast tapping game Speed Tapping, or any endless running game like Temple Run/Vector; in these games – we just play, try to complete the missions and make some scores, that’s all. But, what if there were some missions that will show players position through out the whole world? And you could see your position on TOP of the leaderboard and brag anyone under your scores. Or in shooting games, you would be able to play in online multi-player mode (like the PC), or some other MMO games thorough the world. Yes, obviously you might realize now, what I’m talking about. NO? Okay. Have you ever played any MMO games? I’m saying it, cause if you play any MMO games at your life time, I swear – you won’t play any games with some simple missions! That’s the real fun inside a game. And if you become a winner, you’d brace yourself like a KING! Who doesn’t like to feel that?

mobile game industry
The feeling of winning a game!

Let me tell you something funny. I’m gamer. I play both PC and Mobile games and like strategic games. While playing games, I got to see many people. Among them, I’ve seen some random people/gamers, who were looking for BF/GF and they actually play games to search girls/boys to hangout in someday rather than using some other dating sites! Should I say LOL? Maybe or maybe not. But as these games make the social life more easier and inherent, people are trying to have the best possible fun from it. If Mobile Game Industry go far from the present situation and make a single leaderboard, then it’ll be the REBORN of Social Life for mobile gamers! Determine yourself – you’ve no girlfriend/boyfriend and you love playing mobile games, but you need someone in your life; so you’ll start finding someone through the games besides playing it! And you’ll feel the GAME OVER here! LOL.

Game over! LOL
Game over! LOL

BUT, I think – these fun are possible only by blending all leaderboards into one!

Okay, let’s clear you few things again what actually I’m saying and I ain’t. If you go through my 5th paragraph, you’ll see – I talked about OS and Leaderboards. As we all know, all leaderboards are optimized differently but among those, huge market goes to each of iOS and Android, and there’s always a competition between iOS and Android. If you think, I’m talking about the OS or making one OS, you might miss the whole point I’m trying raise through my post! Here in the post, I’m not saying to change any of these OS or blend up all OS into one, but expand the mobile game industry by blending all leaderboards into one and continue the competition.

I hope, you understand what I said in my post and tried to raise through it.

Now it goes to you. What do you think? If it’s possible to make one leaderboard, will it be good or bad? Or what else can be some other benefits or detriments for gamers or the mobile game industry, if there were no separate Leaderboards? Leave a quick comment below to share your opinion.

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