FexyPano – Pimp your device with Panorama Wallpapers

Pimp your device with FexyPano

FexyPano an app – full of panorama wallpapers. Panorama comes from a Greek word (πᾶν “all” + ὅραμα “sight”) which means representation or three-dimensional view of an image. In our app you will get many panorama wallpapers from where you can easily choose your lock screen or home screen wallpaper.

In FexyPano app you’ll see, there’s three options on the top of the page. The left option will take you to different categories, like – Abstract wallpapers, Sunset wallpapers, Christmas wallpaper, Easter wallpapers, Halloween wallpapers, Vehicle wallpapers etc. From there you can choose your desire categories.

All these are full of different colorful wallpapers. These wallpapers are so large & different in style. Select any of them then choose your minion part in that image. Then touch the save icon what will capture an image from there.

Here, we keep six categories unpaid for you but the others are paid. So, you have to unlock them if you want those categories.

And the Settings icon of the right corner on the top – will show you few options. From there you can report a problem, rate our app, like/follow us and even share our app in Facebook or Twitter.

We also set an option for you “APPS”. There you will find other famous apps of our company. It will directly take you to the iTunes Store.

The Store option will take you to the store. You can unlock all categories or remove ads forever from store.

Download FexyPano now and give a unique look to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.


Pimp your device with FexyPano Pimp your device with FexyPano Pimp your device with FexyPano Pimp your device with FexyPano Pimp your device with FexyPano

Few Screenshot From FexyPano App


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