FexyPapers – style your device with colorful wallpapers

FexyPapers - style your device

FexyPapers is an awesome wallpaper app for iPhone, iPad or iPod. From here you can change your device’s background so easily. And the main thing is – these wallpapers are all retina wallpaper.

From our app you will get the best wallpapers with many categories what you want. And here the systematic things are so arranged so that you may find this app gorgeous for you and more suitable than other apps.

Inside this FexyPapers app the home page is full off different colorful wallpapers. You must need internet connection to run this app cause all this wallpapers should be loaded from the server. Just swipe it upper and then you will see how much wallpapers there are! Swipe, swipe & swipe until you get your chosen one. But we think you will like all of them.

You will see only two options on the top of the page, Retina & Store.

That Retina will show you different categories what you are looking for. Between all those categories some are free for you but except them you need to buy other categories which you want to unlock.

And from Store you can support our app, rate us if you like this app. You can like us or share our app on facebook and twitter. Again you can restore your purchases. There you will see some other apps & games of ours, you are able to download them from this app.

Download FexyPapers wallpaper app and fit it to your iOS device’s background. Enjoy.

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