Finding the efficacy level of brain by playing a game?

brain boss game

This is really awkward to have someone in our life who always tries to prove something unbelievable and keep talking about it until we believe, and tries prove it with logics! I’m not that type, but yes I want you to believe the topic I choose to write. Do you think it’s possible to find the efficacy level of brain playing a game? Okay, let me prove it!

Do you know – the left hemisphere of the brain processes logics and numbers and the right hemisphere response for rhythm and color. The game I’m talking about – is designed scientifically to force the brain co-operate with both side and reinforce the working system. Well, the name of the game is ‘Brain Boss’. It’s a no-cost memory concentration game – created by Rise Up Labs and available now in all platforms (App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Windows Phone Store).

‘Brain Boss’ is a fast paced exciting color and number matching game with Minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasant UI and challenging game-play. This game will test the player’s brain workout skill simply by tapping on the accurate number with the appropriate color on the screen. There is a time window for each given number, and wrong taps will decrease your time for each round up to five times, after which the game ends and you get your results.

Brain Boss game screen-shot 1
Brain Boss game screen-shot 2
Brain Boss game screen-shot 3
Brain Boss game screen-shot 4
Brain Boss game screen-shot 5


Few Screenshots from Brain Boss

It’s not a stereotype mindless game now-a-days we see and there’s many of you like me, who’re tired of these games. This game is a combination of puzzle games with casual which will set your mind to the game obviously and increase your concentration power.

Brain Boss’ game will find out the limits and also increase the activities of the brain do.

If you play the game, you’ll get to know the limits of your brain and how good your concentration power is, comparing with others. And, this game will undoubtedly boost up and take up your memorizing skills to the deep.

Do you want to challenge your memory concentration ability? It’s a serial of taps, if you can. Calculate your brain’s co-ordination capabilities and compare it against others!

Download the game from App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Windows store.

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