Fruitito – a game of swipe down fruits to fill up juice bar.

Fruitito is the fun game where you will find many fruits on running few steps conveyor belt. Swipe down the fruits from there & fill up your juice bar! Try this game, you will love it definitely.

To play this game first keep in mind, you have to keep your juice bar full. The time goes up and your juice bar will run into the empty. So don’t stop, keep swiping until the juice bar runs out!

In this game, first level – you will see there are three running conveyor belt & there are too many fruits to swipe. Its a three fruit minimum and the more of the same fruit you can swipe in one. Keep swiping to reach the next level. The number of conveyor belt will increase as well as the speed of its running when you will reach the next level.

This Fruitito game gets really hard, really fast and it will test your finger eye co-ordination. Hit insane combos and level up to increase the number of rows. The more number of rows, the more chance to get more points.

Try to swipe together as much fruits as you can to reach the highest score.
When you’ll play this game, you will find some annoying ads. To get rid of from this go to Store in home page and you will see there’s an option to remove ads for life time. You can remove it from here. Again from Store you can buy juice can to revive your juice bar.

From Game Center icon from the game you can check the highest score in daily, weekly or all time mode. Again you can challenge your friends from there.

You can share the game from Message icon with your friends. And there’s a Juice Can icon, you can buy juice cans directly from there.

Download Fruitito now & play in your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Fruitito - a game of swipe down fruits for iOS Fruitito - a game of swipe down fruits for iOS Fruitito - a game of swipe down fruits for iOS Fruitito - a game of swipe down fruits for iOS

Few Screenshots From Fruitito

Download Fruitito for iPhone


Download Fruitito for iPad


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