Highway Chase – a fast paced shooting game, available in AppStore!

highway chase game screenshots

Great news to all iOS users who love action & shooting games. One of our games ” Highway Chase ” has been released which is now available in iTunes App Store. This game is fun, challenging, tricky and hard to master at the same time. You’ll love this game.

In this game you will come across few challenges where you will have to eliminate the thief car in given time frame to pass the time trials. If you fail to shoot the car down in the given time or accidentally shoot a pedestrian or a civilian car, its game over. In this game you’ll be a police sniper and your work is to shoot the thief cars. And it all depends on your shooting skill.

In this game, you will get the Real life sound effects, Scenic backgrounds & Variety of Cars to shoot down and Helicopters to fly. But you have to rack up the points to unlock those helicopters. Your main objective is to shoot a certain number of thief cars in a fixed time frame.

It may seem easy, but timing the shot while avoiding civilians cars is quite challenging as time passes. Timing your shoot precisely and avoid killing a pedestrian and civilian cars is the key to success. Follow these tricks to achieve the high score in this game among your friends. Get the best score, challenge your friend & see who is the best sniper.

So get ready for this game, saddle up and test your shooting skills in this ultimate challenge! Click the link below here to download the Highway Chase game from iTunes, App Store.
Download on the app store

Few Screenshots From Highway Chase Game

highway chase game screenshotshighway chase game screenshots highway chase game screenshots highway chase game screenshots highway chase game screenshots

Coming Soon on Google Play & Amazon

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