How Kids Are Getting Addicted to Mobile Games??

Advancement of modern technology may treat people with sheer negativity in general. At present, we’re experiencing the rebellion of smart life with smart gadgets. Since the growth of smart appliances is comparatively high, the options concerning entertainment facility are increasing with the same approach. And say what, our kids are becoming more attracted to the progress of technology and more precisely, gaming or MOBILE GAMING. That’s why, for a moment, please do think whether your kids are getting addicted to mobile games or the online gaming obsession is in a considerable situation or the time to search for some definite solution.

Kids normally love to spend their entire time with the thing or task they love to do. Mobile gaming is one of those things now a days that child experts are worried regarding the increased addiction level. If you do believe in your ability, thinking that your kids becoming obsessive about games and want to CURE it, stay with us till the end of this discussion. You’d definitely find out how kids are getting addicted to mobile games.

Merely Good Impact

Apparently, that’s the main challenge for sure from your perspective. You’ve got to realize whether he/she is really addicted or just love to play these games. Moreover, you should know everything about mobile gaming and be equipped with recent tech stories in this regard. The reason I’m pointing that again and again, healthy brain storming game should always be welcomed from your end. Puzzles, Mathematical mobile gaming must be appreciated sometime. However, all your concern and effort should be all-regarding viral and adult games that requires video chat or dialing from mobile phone. Be CAREFUL on that note, folks!!

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How to realize your kid is addicted?

Let’s talk about in general situation. May be your kid is spending plenty of time playing games now a days that you noticed lately. Probable he/she found the new cool games in store and doesn’t likely to stop. In this consent, are your kids turning into mobile games addicted?

Mobile games have added an extra bit of facility to the young generation till now. More precisely, mobile gaming has conquered a major portion of their lifestyle. You see, kids normally have lots of spare time than you to spend on playing online games or mobile games and say what, they find this virtual life more entertaining and hassle free than in presence. And the fact is, some of them intentionally or unintentionally prefer to play online games to get to the next level or challenges than spending times with friends and family.

No wonder kids find it more important to gain some points through unlocking new levels or achievements than the lives in reality. Therefore, the problem is approaching to be more critical with the arrival of multiplayer for mobile games. A report form Council on Science and Public Health states, playing games more than 2 hours/day is defined as excessive gaming and a matter of health issue. That’s why, no kid should spend more than 2 hours/day on gaming through PC or smartphone.

Several child surgeon have recently spoken about this dreadful situation. It’s been found in a recent research that more than 40% gamers of Clash of Clan or Candy Crush Saga or Criminal Case are suffering from mobile/online gaming addiction and 12% of them are continually reported for showing addictive behavior. The numbers are terrifying for sure. Nonetheless, we dreamt for a better and congenial life. But the unfiltered rise of technology has put our next generation in a catastrophic position.

According to American Medical Association, kid’s gaming addiction is agonized as a non-diagnosable disorder and fortunately the number of addicted kids at present has already reached to an alarming condition. Since the newly released mobile games are designed to act more complex and detailed in nature, kids are extracted so much into that virtual life. No need to add that online/mobile gaming authorities are maneuvering those games with more alluring graphics and tempting new challenges to keep players equipped as much time as possible.

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Therefore, let me clarify one thing, not all gamers obsessive about gaming, since lots of adults, teens, and kids are capable of playing games with convention approach. Whatever, games now a days are designed keep players enticed to play more and the person may not be concerned about his addiction towards that game. Healthy gaming is forever admired. However, for the addicted gamers, time to take initiatives, ASAP.

Can it be cured??

To be honest, that’s a tricky question. Though I intended to offer you guy’s solution in this regard. However, the situation would be more than worse, if any corresponding game is designed to never end with massive multiplayer options. Besides, some kids play online games with a group of friends for hours to keep up their peers globally. They are forever compelled by the excitement and thrill offered by those online sources.

Literally, kids with poor communication skills and week relationship with friends, family are often attracted by those online mobile games. Whenever they can’t share their thoughts with their parents and don’t get enough space to grow up with pure efficiency from childhood, they tend to entice towards gaming world.

Decisively you should look over this phase of your kid. Don’t just blame him for such addiction to mobile games. First of all, you’re responsible for the current gaming addiction of your child. Indeed pure monitories can keep them away from such event of life.

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What to do now?

There are some definite sign to remark by the way. Unnecessary anxiousness, sudden weight gain or weight loss and excessive concentration, especially in front of smartphone are the eminent indication. Whenever, you realize those marks from your child, take action as soon as you can.

Try to communicate with him and start maintaining healthy relationship in order to make him concerned about the demerits of obsessive gaming. If nothing works, it’s high time to consult with psychologist.

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Remain cautious and spend quality time with your kids. Kids are getting addicted to mobile games frequently and it’s quite a common headache for parents these days. Last but not least, since kids are in the greater concern now, the symptoms and outbreaks are pretty common for adults as well.

Take care and stay put. Happy Gaming.