Join the Tapping Contest at ICT Expo 2015

Join the Tapping Contest Tap Tap Ants Game Contest

Rise Up Labs has arranged a mobile gaming contest in Bangladesh ICT Expo-2015 at BICC from 15th – 21st  June, 2015 with their famous worldwide tapping game ‘Tap Tap Ants’, which is available simultaneously on App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Windows store.

And this contest is  on SURVIVAL MODE of Tap Tap ants.

Tap Tap Ants is counted as #1 viral tapping game ever, as it has over 15 MILLION DOWNLOADS in App Store and still counting!!! And another thing must to mention is, this game became the Top 10 iPhone & iPad games in 100+ countries!

In Tap Tap Ants, a crazy ant’s army will approach so quickly to fill their appetite and spoil the delicious meals of the player! The only thing player needs to do is, survive ALAP and never let those crazy ants take away food! Even player can get bonus scores by killing Monster Ants!

Game Download Link:

Prize poll:
1st Prize    : Brand New Smartphone
2nd Prize  : Selfie Stick
3rd Prize   : Headphone
4th Prize   : Pendrive (32 GB)
5th Prize   : USB Speaker

Gaming Contest Rules:

1. Sign Up Process:

a. Player has to Sign Up at our booth & collect token to play on event spot.
b. Player can Sign Up through our online registration form.
Reg. Form Link :

2. Contest is on SURVIVAL MODE of this game. So, only survival mode’s scores will be counted.

3. Score Submission:

a. On event : Anyone can submit his/her score multiple times but s/he has to go behind the queue for next chance.
b. Online : Online registered players can submit score as many times they want upto 21st June, 2015 on our Facebook event page.
Contest Link:

4. In matters of dispute regarding game play, the authority can take the final decision.

5. Rise Up Labs has all rights modify these rules anytime.

6. Rise Up Labs will maintain fair gaming experience for players of all ages.

Other Regulations:

1. Rise Up Labs is not responsible for safeguarding anyone’s personal belongings.

2. The player will be held responsible for any physical damage to the devices done while playing.

This game is about experiencing and unfolding tapping skill of yours! Get the game and find out how long your fingers can go for ultimate rush! And join the tapping contest.

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