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What is Meena Game 2?

After the Meena Game’s huge success, UNICEF Bangladesh and Riseup Labs are back with a bigger surprise. This time, Meena Game 2 in 3D has many added features for you because this is the second season of a game that crossed 3 million downloads earlier.  

The age group of Meena game in 3D

Unicef and Riseup Labs are targeting people of all ages, who are at least 6 years of age. With this age frame, almost the majority of the people around the world can be a part of Meena’s world in 3D. This time, the issue is also a bit serious and knowledgeable from the perspective of both parents and children. 

The theme of Meena game in 3D

In this game, the theme is the new born care. A child comes into this world after nine long months. The sacrifice of a mother in this case is endless. So, as a first child, it is your duty to take care of your mother in this phase. YES! You are the main character Meena in this whole game of many levels.

The whole game is in 3D. However, this is the first time ever that Meena and its characters will turn into 3D from 2D. In addition, this single edutainment game will help many children understand and address a specific problem or even learn skills that include nutrition, health, gender equality, education, emergency, and protection.


Who is Meena?

Meena is the name of an iconic character by Unicef. However, Unicef has been working for children worldwide, and in Bangladesh, it was a masterstroke to release a cartoon character like this in 1993. 

She lives in a rural area and solves every problem of culture. In addition, she has her family and her parrot Mithu with her. She takes every issue seriously, and since it’s a cartoon, we all loved watching her in our childhood on our tv screens. It was famous not only in Bangladesh but also in other countries.

What is Meena 2?

The latest and upcoming version of the Meena Game. In addition, this time, Meena is in 3D.

Meena in a nutshell

The reason is simple. Meena covered all the countries’ shared characteristics, although she is closely related to South Asia’s culture.

What is Meena doing inside the game this time?

Every time, Meena tries to help others. There are around 37 episodes of Meena. In each episode, she is on a mission to help others. 

Above all, even on Meena’s facebook instant game released just in November 2020, she helped others on all five levels by effectively running and completing five missions. 

In this game, Meena’s mother is pregnant. So, she has to take care of her mother until she delivers the child and stays beside her after the initial few days after delivery. That’s why Meena is asking for help from you in this adventure game. So, it’s your mission to be Meena yourself and keep the mother and child safe. 

meena and mithu from new game
Meena from the gameplay

This game is designed and developed by Riseup Labs. This time it’s on newborn care. 

The core features of Meena Game 2 in 3D

  • Conveying newborn care education message
  • The full game will consist of 10 levels.
  • There will be above 50 mini games.
  • There will be above 40 characters.
  • The game will have reward based achievements. This will encourage you a lot for sure.
  • You can play in a different environment in this game.
  • Meena will be able to move 360 degrees.
  • The best part- You can play the game offline

Objectives of Meena 3D edutainment game 

You, as Meena, will have to play multiple roles in this game. All in all, she has to brave all the odds and solve the problems she will face. 

Moreover, this game is not as easy as it seems in the trailer video below. So patience is the key here to explore adventures. 

Meena Game 2 trailer

The levels of Meena Game 2

  • Level 1: Search for healthy foods
  • Level 2: Helping mother
  • Level 3: Going to hospital
  • Level 4: Newborn Rani
  • Level 5: Rani is in danger
  • Level 6: Keeping Rani healthy
  • Level 7: Nutritious food for Rani
  • Level 8: Rani is sick
  • Level 9: Special care for newborns
  • Level 10: Taking care of Rani

Let’s look at the story a bit.

Level 1: Meena has to search for healthy foods for her mother 

Meena’s mother needs nutritious food now. In addition, the sister doctor (doctor apa of the cartoon) has suggested that eating healthy food will help her gain energy and stay away from diseases. As a result, both mother and child will be safe. 

sketch of level 1 from pre production
Pre-production Level 1 sketch from Meena Game 2

But, the game starts at a time when the weather is not good. A storm is about to come. Meena’s mission is to collect food items like milk, chicken, fish, vegetables before the storm starts. That is the final part of this level. Even before that, you have to finish some more tasks which you’ll see in the first level!

Level 2: Meena helps her mother

Meena is determined not to let her mother do heavy chores at all. So, she decided to take the responsibility to collect the water from the tubewell in the vessel. And take it home from now on since it’s heavy. Also, she needs to call her female doctor (doctor apa) to do a checkup of her mother and prescribe medicines for her.

Doctor apa has suggested that Meena’s mother needs to take certain medicines, for which the mother and child both will be fit and fine. It’s your job as Meena to complete this mission.

sketch of level 2 from pre production
Pre-production Level 2 sketch from Meena Game 2

However, by now, you already know that the missions are connected to some emotional reason. All in all, Meena serves to help her mother. 

Above all, these are just the main themes, and there are many more tasks you’ll need to execute. Let’s keep a hold on the stories after level 3 because, yes, suspense is necessary for the rest 7!

Level 3: Going to hospital

At this level, Meena’s mother is ill. Besides, her father is also out of the home. She needs to inform the doctor apa and take her mother to the hospital as soon as possible. The doctor apa has suggested to Meena to call the national emergency number in these cases. 

sketch of level 3 from pre production
Pre-production Level 3 sketch from Meena Game 2

So, overall, you need to take charge as Meena here as well. 

The launch of Meena Game 2

Riseup Labs will launch this game soon. Moreover, it’s expected to launch in December 2020. Unicef Bangladesh will have a separate event in the Intercontinental Hotel to launch this game. In addition, people from Government, Unicef senior officials, and other NGOs will be present there.

How many levels of Meena game 2 are there?

There are total 10 levels. Initially, the game is released with 4 levels. 

When will the other levels of Meena game 2 release?

With time, the game will be updated, and new 6 levels will be introduced from time to time as updates.

meena 2 poster with meena and her family graphics
Meena Game 2 has released

On which platforms is Meena 3D game available?

It is both an android and IOS game. So, it is available on both google play store and apple store.

Here you go-
The Google Play version and IOS version.

Moreover, there will be a PC version of the game as well later.


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