Riseup Labs created Edutainment Web Application “Safe Internet for Children”

In collaboration with UNICEF and the ICT ministry, Riseup Labs have developed a “Safe Internet For children” web application for children. Basically, children use this web application to learn how to protect themselves on the Internet.

Children and adolescents face many risks and dangers when using the Internet. They do a lot of things unknowingly, which subsequently causes them to suffer a lot and suffer from insecurity on the Internet. To avoid all these problems, UNICEF initiated the creation of a “safe Internet for children” quiz game.

To access a safe Internet web application, users must enter their name, age, school, and district. After entering the application, the user will be able to play on six different subjects. E.g:

  • Personal information and identity
  • Knowingly exchanging information
  • Open talk about the internet
  • Some general rules for online activity
  • Beware of hacking
After entering the application, the user will be able to play on six different subjects
Figure: Chapters

In the application, if the user incorrectly answers the question given by the play, then they will find out in detail why this is not correct. Thus, the questions and answers have to be completed through the play. If the user does not understand anything, the user will enter the instruction option and learn about the application. Finally, the user will get a certificate after answering all the questions correctly. The certificate can be downloaded by selecting any language in Bangla and English. This allows users to know all the ways and learn to stay safe on the internet.

Children can answer different questions on different topics based on safe internet and get a certificate. As a result, they will be safe on the internet.

When the children given the answer all different questions on different topics then they get a certificate.
Figure: Certificate

Many important things are done on the internet. But as there are good aspects of the Internet, the bad side of it can be noted. Children often do not understand, they often use the bad aspects of the Internet, which is very harmful to them. Riseup Labs innovative the “Safe Internet For Children” right to protect children from the harmful aspects of the Internet. Please enter this link (https://safeinternet.unicefbangladesh.org/)  to access the application.

Jr. Quality Assurance Engineer at Riseup Labs