Shoot The Monkey – best shooting game on iOS!

Shoot The Monkey

Shoot The Monkey – a Funny and interesting game with an interesting history. Here, those monkeys steal all your dresses, camera, hat everything. Don’t you want your staffs back? So, keep shooting.

In Shoot The Monkey game it is very funny when you will see that a guy who used to take a bath in river. And that time some funny faces moneys steal his all dresses. And then they try to escape from you & want to make you embarrassed. You have to stop them them by shooting as much time you can shoot that will show you the result you can be able to back your all staffs or not!

When you will shoot them you will face some rabbits or some monkeys with a white flag keep avoiding them. Don’t shoot them otherwise your game will turn into over. You also will see those harassing monkeys will throw some things, like- stone, coconut etc more frequently keep shooting them also or five points would be deducted if you miss one.

Again, you should shoot all the moneys. If you miss 10 monkeys that also will make your game to end! So, try harder & don’t miss a single monkey.

In our game you will get two version, Free & Full version.
In Free version you will get only 1 level on the other hand, in Paid version you will get 5 levels with different backgrounds! Again, in Free version there are some disturbing ads but in Paid there’s no Ad! So, buy the full version. I can assure you, you will definitely love this game.

You will see some options up there, Game-Center, Massage, a Question icon & Settings. Through the Massage & Game-Center icon you can invite someone with whom you want to play or you can challenge them. And inside the Question button you will learn how to play the game.

Download Shoot The Monkey now & Enjoy your time.

Shoot The Monkey Shoot The Monkey Shoot The Monkey Shoot The Monkey

Few Screen Shots From Shoot The Monkey Game

For iPhone Free version

For iPhone Paid version

For iPad Free versionDownload_on_the_app_store

For iPad Paid version

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