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Thriving for Lucrative Mobile Games Development? Follow these steps!!

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Apps or mobile Games development has been one of the hottest topics for the last couple of years. And needless to point out, eloquent app development for mobile always worth’s a try, at-least for once. Apparently, the development phase isn’t the actual struggling part, whereas the main concern would be determining what to do and how the whole procedure will proceed ahead.

Lucrative mobile game development is something you will love to strive for. The development procedure should be productive and allow you to enlarge your business! These following authenticated mastery can assist you to become more plausible as a significant part of your work.



Success of Mobile Games

Mobile Gaming Addiction growing backward? 
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Even with concurrent success rate of mobile games, this has not been increased recently. At least recent studies prudent that. Along with millions of hours of working and thousands people’s heartfelt effort, we can now anticipate the success of mobile games and celebrate the serenity as well. We can now look forward and see a new horizon pulling up by the smartphone users who are repeatedly influencing the gaming companies to something more exciting, more alluring and more signifying. (more…)


How Kids Are Getting Addicted to Mobile Games??

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Advancement of modern technology may treat people with sheer negativity in general. At present, we’re experiencing the rebellion of smart life with smart gadgets. Since the growth of smart appliances is comparatively high, the options concerning entertainment facility are increasing with the same approach. And say what, our kids are becoming more attracted to the progress of technology and more precisely, gaming or MOBILE GAMING. That’s why, for a moment, please do think whether your kids are getting addicted to mobile games or the online gaming obsession is in a considerable situation or the time to search for some definite solution. (more…)


Blooming Significance of Mobile Games in Our Lifestyle

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Mobile game is commonly a PREVALENT term right now with excessive demand and ever changing development with ongoing tech revolution. The word “prevalent” reflects the affectivity here alongside symbolic outcome of something surprising. On that note, our lifestyle is designed in an epic way to forever cherish about anything new or anything special. We can easily apprehend that effect, since the rise of mobile games from 2009. After 5 to 6 years of mobile subversion, now we’re able to determine the blooming significance of mobile games is our unvarying style of living. (more…)


Blending all leaderboards into one can be good for mobile game industry or bad?

we love mobile game industry

It’s an era of mind games, thinking something new, something innovative, something that will break the whole existing process and set a new system that can change our life. Since when we are upgraded to mechanical life from our previous organic life, mobile games started becoming part of people life and its’ extensive growth proves how much people love this tech. (more…)


Tap Tap Ants : Battlefield, nominated for WSA (UN-based Award)

TAP TAP ANTS : BATTLEFIELD nominated for World Summit Award

TAP TAP ANTS : BATTLEFIELD has been nominated to enter the next round of the 2015 World Summit Award (WSA) in Entertainment & Games from Bangladesh. This game will compete against almost 500 nominations and applications from 160 countries and be evaluated by the WSA’s online Jury from August 10 to September 15. They will evaluate and create a shortlist of 15-20 projects in each of the eight categories. (more…)