Tap Tap Ants Battlefield – a marvelous game of struggling for food!

Tap Tap Ants Battlefield

Tap Tap Ants Battlefield is a joky game where you will find too many ants. And all those ants are hungry. As you have food & those ants are hungry so they will try to eat all your food what you have! Kill all those ants or be ready to lose your food!

Tap Tap Ants Battlefield is the game of interesting annals & funny arts what will definitely make you laugh. There are 3 modes of this game. They are – Survival, War & Classic.

In Survival mode you have to save the food. There are different foods what will give you more numbers of lives! But you have to complete the level what its required for! If you are unable to save your food then the game will over, so don’t miss a single ant to tap!

In War mode you will see different ants but most importantly you have to save the Blue Fireball Ants cause they will help you to kill the other ants. If you fail to save them your game will be over! You can learn about other ants from “Ant-o-pedia” what you can find in Options of the home page.

And the Classic mode will take you to another game of us that’s also an ant tapping game.

But in all this three modes, one thing what is must to do is tapping. Mm-hmm may be you are thinking it is very easy to tap. Then Download the game now & try it. Then you will see how easy it is!

There are too many ants to tap & they will come until they have your food! So this the thing, how expert you are in tapping! This Tap Tap Ants Battlefield game will unequivocally give you hours of fun.

In the home page you can find Options, Mode & Store.

From Options you can change Music, Sound etc. Then you will see there an option for user support. If you face any problem to play the game then inform us from there. Ant-o-pedia is show description about different ants.

We have already talk about Mode. Then the Store – inside of this you can buy different things what will help you to fight with those ants.

Tap Tap Ants Battlefield Tap Tap Ants Battlefield Tap Tap Ants Battlefield Tap Tap Ants Battlefield Tap Tap Ants Battlefield

Few Screenshots From Tap Tap Ants Battlefield


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