Will mobile gaming kill gaming consoles??

I bet you’d have gone breathless by laughing 7 or 8 years ago, if I told you “I love gaming on my mobile”, as the story was a lot unusual then. Now we use mobiles for different purposes and more specifically, we’ve learnt the smart usage of mobile phone. However, the arena of mobile gaming surprisingly has changed since 2009. At present, we use “mobile gaming” not only as a recognized term, rather huge landscape of business. Due to the revolutionary change of overall gaming industry, a question arises, will mobile gaming kill gaming consoles??

Since the rebellion of smartphones and tablets, the mobile gaming industry is thriving with full speed. From the very beginning, smartphones have been most popular and easily accessible platform for gamers and game developers. Research shows that any games made for tablets or smartphones, are making two to three times more revenue than any handheld gaming devices or gaming consoles. It’s expected to be thoughtful whether the continuous growth of mobile will someday overtake consoles market. So far, it should be a major headache for companies like Sony and Nintendo.

Multi-Million Dollar Industry

You would be surprised to see how booming the mobile gaming industry is right now. From a statistics of last year, Entertainment Arts or EA managed to make $12.8m from Sony handhelds, $9.4m from Nintendo devices and do you want to know the revenue amount from mobile? EA managed to earn $114m and the figure itself speaks the current state of mobile gaming. It’s not true for only big fish likewise EA. Independent game development farms are also making their move through third party Apple and Google’s App stores. As an example, Supercell’s very organic and simple games Hay Day and Clash of Clans earned a combined revenue of $179m.  Now the question arises again, Will mobile gaming kill gaming consoles really?

Image source: goodgamegag.com
Image source: goodgamegag.com

Beginning of a New Era

Mobile gaming is fruitful as a relatively new business. The obtainability and predictability are encouraging more and more creative souls to work with that platform. However, mobile gaming is not free from its critic. Free to play mobile games are destroying the business market of huge opportunity. You would find nearly 5% of mobile games have price and others can be installed or downloaded free of cost. That’s why half of the developers don’t get paid at all. So, that’s plus point for gaming consoles.

Gaming Consoles Striking Back

Frankly, we’re enjoying it. Due to the constant threat of mobile gaming, Sony and Nintendo is on the verge of doing something amazing, which should be super exciting for gamers. Sony is planning to induce more indie studios with PlayStation and they’ve also launched a lighter and cheaper version of Vita handheld. Nintendo has also brought a much affordable version of 3DS, which is called 2DS and it’s an open faced device and flat. Aren’t they fascinating?? Guys I’m going for the Sony after getting next month’s salary. Though Nintendo still sticks to its own policy of launching games only on its own devices, Sony is trying to enter into mobile gaming by an app called PlayStation All-Stars Island and for that purpose, Coca-Cola is their partner. Apply doesn’t employ a cent in mobile gaming, whereas Sony and Nintendo is trying hard and soul to attract healthy gamers and quality developers.

Now, the truth is, normal people will play mobile games to enjoy multiple platform. And that’s why mobile games will always be rocking. But they can never take place of groundbreaking handheld games such as GTA V, Far Cry 4, and The Witcher 3 etc. Mobile games will always force a legitimate challenge to console or handheld games. Mobile gaming can never kill gaming consoles.

That’s all for today. Stay put and enjoy.

Happy gaming.

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