Brain Boss Online Gaming Contest (Test your Brain!)

Watch November 6 - November 14
November 6 2015 03:09 PM to November 14 2015 03:09 PM

Watch Online

Rise Up Labs has arranged a new Gaming Contest with their casual puzzle game Brain Boss, which is available in App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Windows store.

Game Download Link:

Winner Announcement: 15/11/2015 (Sunday)

Prize: Five gift cards for Google-play, Amazon and iTunes (winner can choose which platform gift-card they want)

1st Prize : $25 gift card
2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Prize : $10 gift card each


1. Fill up the form at, otherwise you won't be counted as a participant of this contest.
2. Like our Facebook page and share the contest posts on your timeline.
3. Download or Update your existing version of 'Brain Boss' game from App Store, Google Play, Amazon or Windows phone Store.
4. Share Game Over screens on your Facebook from the game (at least once).
5. Upload Game Over screens as comments on our Facebook fan page or Event page (You can upload as many times you want to, only one high score will be taken).
6. Your scores should be on leader-board. So, you've to play online, otherwise your score won't be visible at leader-board. If we don't get your scores on leader-board, we won't count it. (Windows users need to keep the game-over screenshot and can not delete the game data to prove it as real)
7. Any score if we feel is fake, we won't count it. And in matters of dispute regarding game play, the authority can take the final decision.
8. Rise Up Labs has all rights modify these rules anytime.
9. Rise Up Labs will maintain fair gaming experience for players of all ages.

Happy Gaming :)