Rise Up Labs Invites Fans to the Battlezone

UTTARA, Dhaka - 10th October, 2012 - Rise Up Labs, a leading developer and publisher of iOS games, has today launched the 1st installment of the much awaited sequel to its flagship title Tap Tap Ants. The sequel is aptly named Tap Tap Ants : Battlefield, which further expands into the game's addictive qualities. The offerings in this installment include a new Survival Mode, Multi-touch and Combos, Powerful Weapons, New Backgrounds and Food, Challenging Missions, Bonus Bugs and a totally revamped Customization menu, allowing for even more addictive gameplay.

Following the success of Tap Tap Ants, which was released in early 2010, this much awaited installment focuses heavily on user experience and interactivity with new in game elements which adds depth to the overall gameplay.

The current addition is based on survival where the player needs to defend his food from hordes of ants all the while trying to avoid killing innocent bugs that have unwittingly put themselves in the midst of battle. The game will test the reflexes of the player, and to help him out, there will be two additional, but limited weapons which the player can use to fend off those pesky ants. The key thing about the weapons is timing, the player has to use them at the most opportune moment to maximize their score. There will be a number of challenging missions which is hoped will keep the player hooked for hours.

Tap Tap Ants : Battlefield delivers an engaging and immersive player experience which will lay the groundwork for the 2nd installment to this franchise which is due to be released before Christmas 2012. Tap Tap Ants: Battlefield is free to download from the iTunes Store. For more information about this game, you can visit us on Facebook : http://facebook.com/taptapants, Twitter : http://twitter.com/taptapants, and Appromoter : http://taptapants.appromoter.com/