Enter the Warzone!

Rise Up Labs releases much anticipated update

UTTARA, Dhaka - 07th December, 2012-The wait is finally over! Rise Up Labs, the proud creators of Tap Tap Ants, have released the much anticipated update to the second title from their flagship franchise. This much awaited installment for Tap Tap Ants Battlefield focuses heavily on user experience and interactivity with brand spanking new game elements which enhances overall gameplay in spades.

The update allows gamers to access war mode with brand new weapons added to their arsenal. Tap, flame and cut your way through ranks of enemy ants and unlock a variety of new achievements, medals, skins and backgrounds. The game is now more addictive than ever, with hours of addictive finger tapping fun for gamers of all ages.

To celebrate the launch of this brand new update, Rise Up Labs is giving fans the chance to win amazing goodies. The top tappers will get the chance to win a total 250 dollars worth of Amazon gift cards. To enter into this competition titled "Antocolypse now" , fans have to unlock all six in game achievement medals. For details and for some extra giggles visit the Tap Tap Ants Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/TapTapAnts.

Enter a new world of addictive, digit dancing fun on your iOS device. Sit back and let your fingers do the talking.

This time it's war!