History of Language Movement in Augmented Reality

Rise Up Labs has released a new app "1952", that describes the glory and heroic sacrifice our language martyrs did in honor of our mother tongue in 21st February of 1952. The app is based on Augmented Reality (AR), where a computer-based graphic description and animation of our Language Movement is encrypted when you focus the camera on a 2 taka note. ICT Minister, Zunaid Ahmed Palak has launched the app officially in “Digital Innovation Fair-2017” at Bangladesh Shishu Academy. He welcomed the innovative idea of sharing the language movement knowledge through an app and mentioned, “4.27 Crore students from 1.70 Lakh schools will be benefited with this app. They will learn the history and heritage of our language movement.”

To use the app, all you need to do is tap on 'Start' button and point your camera at the Shahid Minar of a 2 taka note.

The aim of the app is to educate and inspire our generation in a new and interactive way to learn our achievement and glory of International Mother Language Day. Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar, and many others met their martyrdom to protest the conspiracy of West Pakistan Govt. and to save our language. Shahid Minar had been erected in remembrance of them. Later, on 17 November 1999, UNESCO declared the day as International Mother Language Day. The full history of this day is described through the "1952" app.

However, 21st February is the day of our recognition for our language movement; our pride and consciousness. Watching the prideful history of this day with own eyes in Augmented Reality can make anyone feel the spirit of patriotism. According to Ershadul Hoque, the Founder and CEO of Rise Up Labs, the AR technology used in the "1952" app will introduce its' user the history and cognition of International Mother Language Day in a new and tactful way.

"1952" app is available for Free to download in Google Play Store or, visit to learn more.

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