The VR demo version exhibition of historic 7th March speech has been ended successfully

One of the most striking surprises in this 'Digital World-17' is the inauguration of the demo version of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s historic 7th March speech in virtual reality (VR), which was recognized by UNESCO as one of the most important historical traditions in the world. With the support of ICT Division, Rise Up Labs presented the demo version of VR (Virtual Reality) app, which was inaugurated by our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. ICT Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak, ICT Secretary Subir Kishore Choudhury, Executive Director of BCC Swapan Kumar Sarker and many other guests were also present during this inauguration ceremony.

When the VR (Virtual Reality) app is turned on through a VR device, users can see the historic speech of 7th March in front of him that took place at Dhaka Racecourse Maidan in 1971. With this app, users will be able to see, listen and learn the actual history of that significant day of Bengali independence. As the users will see our father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from a very close view and listen the stereo sound of the crowd, they will feel the historic speech of 7th March as real. Our PM Sheikh Hasina got emotional while inaugurating the demo version of this VR app. The State Minister of ICT, Zunaid Ahmed Palak said that the country has stepped up one more steps in building Digital Bangladesh through this VR app, and no one would be able to distort our country's independence history in future.

The demo version of this Virtual Reality (VR) app has been launched and displayed exclusively in 'Digital World-17'. Although this demo version has a very short moment of our historic 7th March speech, yet users were able to experience the actual feeling of that historic day. In the 4 days long event, from child to old man - about 2,500 people (male and female) of all ages experienced and enjoyed the app. During the time of their experience, some people expressed their interest in the speech of Bangabandhu as they were encouraged by the spirit of freedom of expression and shout-out-loud saying 'Joy Bangla'. Many children addressed their parents while experiencing the app as, "Mother look, that is our Bangabandhu". After seeing the app, some children said, "I want to be Bangabandhu!"

Rise Up Labs is working for the development of this app in collaboration with the ICT Division. The full version of the app will be published simultaneously for VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) on 7th March 2018. In the final version of both VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) app, the user will be able to see the full details of 7th March speech. Also, a special short version with very important part of the speech will be added in the final version. Ershadul Haque, founder and executive officer of Rise Up Labs, said that the full version of the app will be in Bangla with English subtitles, users will be able to see their friends by logging into the app with their Facebook, and mentioned that the extended section of this app will make it an ICT archive for Bangladesh's independence and liberation war as it will have the full details of this event. He also said that this historic 7th March app of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, will be released in the Android and iOS stores of the mobile, and the computer's Oculus Rift VR Store and Steam Store for its VR (Virtual Reality) app, and the AR (Augmented Reality) app will be in Android and iOS stores. Thus, people from all over the world will know about the dignity and recognition of our historic 7th March speech as world’s most important historical traditions with a new technology.