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"Safe Internet for Children" in a nutshell

  • Client Name: UNICEF Bangladesh
  • Publisher Name: UNICEF Bangladesh
  • Developer Name: Riseup Labs
  • Quiz Game Type: Educational
  • Platform: PC and Mobile
  • Published On: Web
  • Total Views: 500000+ (Five Hundred Thousand+)
  • Release Date: 10th February, 2020
  • Product Working Type: Completed 
  • Product Device Type: PC and Mobile
  • Product Type: Educational Web Game
  • Category: Web and Software Development
  • Development Period: 8th january, 2020 to 5th February 2020

The internet is an excellent tool for everyone, especially kids. It’s a perfect effect for turning their thoughts into actions instantly. Because they do what they learn. For research and development, the Internet is the best medium today for children. Most of them play games online. So, “internet for children” is a sensitive topic.

There are some safety protocols. These days, children need to stay safe on the Internet. The threats include cyberbullying, breach of privacy, harassment, and much more. 

Safety is the priority. Special care is thus necessary since they lack the maturity of the technology.

What is the “Safe Internet for Children”?

“Safe Internet for Children” is a web application for children developed by Riseup Labs. This is a collaboration with UNICEF and the ICT ministry. The aim is that children can use this web application to get to know how to protect themselves on the Internet. 

It is a quiz game with five topics that includes 23 questions altogether. The topics cover the things that children can make use of at the tender ages.

Main Page Safe Internet for Children
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The Target Audience

The target audience of this quiz game are such children, mainly between the age of 6 and going upto 18+ (although the web allows registration from the age of 3 itself)

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How does this quiz game fit for the Target Audience?

Children are the future of our nation. If they start learning at an early age, it will help them a lot in the future. Above all, they should be matured and protected. 

Adolescents and children are exposed to many dangers and risks while using the internet. There are many things they do without any knowledge. As a result, they suffer in the long run. This creates insecurity for them on the internet. So, to avoid all such problems, UNICEF took the lead in creating a quiz game. A quiz that teaches along with sharing some sensitive and general information regarding online security. 

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Why did UNICEF think of this as a practical approach in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a country that is getting massive exposure in the online world with time. So, children from their tender ages need to know how to use it. 

As a part of the world record, it is expected that at least 1 million school children in Bangladesh will be gaining an online safety certificate within 2021.

The ICT division, telecommunications and IT, and UNICEF aim to reduce the online risks of children and adolescents. So, the development company Riseup Labs had a noble reason to develop this application.

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Topics and contents of the quiz game

The UI of the quiz game is kept as simple as possible. A voiceover guides the person with the aim of this quiz for a registration. The registration requires name, age, educational level and the division. 

The module topics of the quiz game are: 

  • Personal information and identity - This module has 6 questions. 
  • Exchanging information with proper knowledge- This module has 5 questions. 
  • Open discussion about the internet- This module has 4 questions. 
  • Some general rules for online activities- This module has 3 questions. 
  • Beware of hacking- This module has 5 questions. 


Throughout the quiz game, you have to answer the questions correctly. Every question has two options. The voiceover is always there. For every wrong answer, the screen shows the correct answer. There is also an instruction option if you don't understand anything. After answering all the questions, you are eligible to download a certificate. 

Impact of the platform

Total registered users: 332,111 and counting

Total locations covered: 53, 266 and counting

Age statistics: 32% people who took the quiz are 18+ and 68% people are below the age of 18

Educational level statistics: 26% people who took the quiz are from Higher Secondary and others make the rest 74%.

Total number of PC/Mobile devices: 307,954 and counting

Safe Internet for Children Chapter
History behind the “Safe Internet for Children” Game

The aim of UNICEF has always been to protect children and do what’s right for them.

So, just before the starting of 2020, they planned this initiative and gave the responsibility to Riseup Labs who already understand the importance of internet safety. So, they could easily relate to the development of this education web quiz game. That was to ensure a safer internet for children with UNICEF.

Web Features Safe Internet for Children
Features of the Game
  1. Five levels of educational gameplay
  2. Gameplay Instruction with speech
  3. Attractive gamified website UI
  4. Responsive for all devices
  5. Animated background elements
  6. Text & voice synchronization
  7. MCQ based learning website
  8. Multiple Profile creation for users or kids
  9. User Progress data storage & synchronization
  10. Generate, Download, and Share certificate in Bangla and English

Benefits of the Game

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Internet for children

The children will get their world where they can learn in their way.

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Downloadable Certificate

Signature of Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP, State Minister, ICT Division and signed by another representative from UNICEF, Tommo Hozumi.

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The famous character is shown on screen. Most kids know her already, and as a result, they stick till the end and thus, learn more. 

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Direct connection with Unicef and ICT Ministry

The development company developed this application after collaborating with UNICEF and ICT Ministry. So, the validation of data and knowledge is never an issue.

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The development company that developed this web quiz game took special care that the knowledge is always safe for children. They were experienced with children since they had already developed many games for kids.

Right Answer Page Safe Internet for Children

The Result

The Internet is undoubtedly the best resource for information. Still, children need to be aware of how they are using it. Children and adolescents face many risks and dangers when using the Internet. They should know how to be safe while surfing the web.

In this web quiz game, children can answer different questions on different topics based on safe Internet and get a certificate. As a result, they will be safe on the Internet. The certificate can be downloaded by selecting any language in Bangla and English. This allows users to know all the ways and learn to stay safe on the Internet. 

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