Treasure Wars

Realtime Multiplayer Game & Game Management System

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Treasure Wars is the ultimate undergo of massive Battle Royale encounters with an experience of familiar battle locations with built‑in optimization and responsive, mobile‑ready admin panel. With a simple interface, you just jump down into the game, polished real-time multiplayer feature promises you to give them the world Battle Royale experience! Treasure Wars is an amazing game if you have a hunger for winning! Jump right into the top-down shooter experience and find the treasure. Keep it till to the last and the treasure is yours in real life. There will be a bundle data pack, burger, pizza, mobile handsets, etc. as the treasure. In the Treasure Wars game, you have to collect some necessary Battle equipment right after you start the game. Perform your survival instinct to keep the Treasure with you till the end but don’t forget the monsters and enemies around you!

Treasure Wars

Game Features

  • Real-time fast-paced Battle Royale
  • Hunting treasures and win rewards in real life
  • Survival shooter
  • Native locations
  • Exciting feature unlock option
  • Tons of weapons and items to loot
  • Multiplayer experience
  • Shrinking player area
  • Sudden gift pack in-game
  • Be fast and conscious as you always have to keep the treasure with you till the end!.
Treasure Wars

Web System Features

  • User analytics
  • Treasure management
  • User management
  • OTP management
  • Game Data Management
  • Data Security management
  • Game Mechanism Control
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Diving Into Technology

Technology Used

Autodesk Maya