FexyLock – how to create lock screen wallpaper

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Whenever a user download a wallpaper app, it make the sense that that user loves to change his/her wallpaper. Our FexyLock (please see here) is one of those types of app what users are looking for. And I must say it’s an app of that type what will definitely make it’s user happy. So, why so late? Check out this new app.

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Type of themes

In our app you will get different categories of themes. In addition, and again, inside any of these categories you will get many custom themes. From there you can choose themes to make your lock screen more appropriate.

FexyLock: Funny Themes
FexyLock: Funny Themes

You will get Funny Themes here. These themes are there make you laugh. When you will look at your screen. In addition, not just you, it’ll make anyone laugh.

FexyLock: Sports Themes
FexyLock: Sports Themes

Many of you like sports. And you guys watch over different sports channel all over the day & night. So we made this category for you just to provide you Sports Themes on your iOS device’s lock screen.

FexyLock: Horror Themes
FexyLock: Horror Themes

There’s plenty of people like me who loves to watch horror movies at late night. I think they also like to keep horror wallpapers on their desktop, laptop or even other devices. We have added Horror Themes in our app so that they could set horror wallpapers on their lock screen.

FexyLock: Crystal Themes
FexyLock: Crystal Themes

In this app you also get Crystal Themes. These themes are designed with crystal things. Those who loves crystal items, this category is for them. You can organize your lock screen with crystal items.

FexyLock: Girly Themes
FexyLock: Crystal Themes

We have brought good news for all girls through the app by creating a theme category which is Girly Themes. This category actually made for the girls. You might like all these themes. Cause these are actually all girly staffs.

You can also get many other themes, like- Selective Themes, Romantic Themes, Glow Themes, Fruits Themes, Nature Themes, Colorful Themes etc.

But few things you must need to know. You need an iOS 7 to get this app. All these categories are locked except the Selective Themes. Other categories should be unlocked by by $.99.


Download FexyLock app now & enjoy the best custom themes for your iOS device.

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In conclusion, you can check our other wallpapers to pimp your device with panorama wallpapers or to change your home screen wallpapers.

For details, you can contact Riseup Labs.

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