The Highway Chase is now available on Google play store & Amazon store!

Highway Chase Action Video Game

The Highway Chase game is a super fun game where you need to chase and shoot down fast moving thief cars from the police helicopter before the timer runs out & avoid the civilians and their cars! Play the game & prove yourself the best shooter.


Riseup Labs brings you a brand new fast paced arcade type action shooting game. In the Highway Chase game, you are a police sniper & your mission is to shoot thief cars from a helicopter. You must aim and time your shot perfectly to hit your targets within the allotted time frame while avoiding collateral damage to pass the given mission. It may seem easy to do, timing the shot while avoiding civilian cars is quite challenging in higher stages.

With the random movements of the cars and the chopper will hook both casual players and hardcore mobile gamer all over the world.

In the Highway Chase game we added some awesome features; those are, Real life sound effects, Scenic backgrounds, Variety of Cars and Helicopters, Multi-lingual support etc. Here, you can also unlock different helicopters with your score. And finally, the Fast pace & Arcade style of this game will definitely blow your mind!

So, why waiting? Rack up the bounty to gain access to more helicopters for more fun! Get more points for each successive risky shoots.

To play this game you need to follow some tips. Here they are,
– You need to time the gun shoot within the given time line.
– Then, you must keep in mind that you always have to avoid shooting civilian cars and pedestrian.
– You can get bonus score by taking risky & consecutive shots.
– And have to destroy all thief cars before the timer runs out to complete each stage.

Download the Highway Chase now & Join in for the ultimate aerial pursuit and test your sniping skills with real adrenaline rush!