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Some games can enhance young children’s social, educational, mental and physical points of view. As a result, parents nowadays want to allow such games under their moderation. Meena game is one of them.

Computer and mobile games can be a fantastic asset to assist young children with building up specific fundamental abilities. Guardians nowadays can choose games that can educate children for both fun and studies. Also, game designers are coming up with the content of edutainment targeting the kids of this generation.

If you want to know the revolution created in Bangladesh, stay tuned!

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a child drawing with color pencils in the front
Edutainment is the key

How are video games helpful?

  • Kids who get to play computer and mobile games may get a little lift to their understanding and reading abilities. 
  • At the core of each video game are a test and a challenge. For instance, a few games can be thoughtless. Therefore, some games offer children the opportunity to take on an issue and work to discover an answer. Treasure Wars is such a game.
  • Some children experience difficulty fitting in and making friendships in actuality. However, computer games can be a shelter for them to discover friends in a positive manner.
  • Fast internet is now a household thing. Parents want their children to be happy and cheerful. Children also love playing games on mobiles. The only matter of concern here of parents is the child’s growth. They want good matches for their children. Above all, that is indeed correct.

a console in front of a laptop
Game development scene

The reason why children need Meena Game. Who/What is Meena?

The 1990s was the Decade of a Girl Child. In other words, UNICEF chose to commend the decade by making an energized cartoon arrangement. To engage and move young ladies, their families, and networks across South Asia. Meena is the courageous woman of this arrangement. 

A great deal of research went into finding the ideal name and looking for Meena. Designers and artists from four distinct nations drew many diverse South Asian young ladies. Before choosing the Meena we have today. 

In building up the underlying movies, UNICEF addressed more than 10,000 kids. About the dress Meena should wear. And the sort of life she may have. After that, the name “Meena” is now famous across South Asia.

text written this is who I am to describe meena from meena game
The identity of Meena

Meena is a lively, 9-year-old. She overcomes all the chances โ€“ whether it’s going to class or fighting the naughty kids. 

The Meena character has accomplished surprising fame. Who handles the key issues influencing kids. In addition, the accounts spin around Meena’s undertakings. In addition, her sibling Raju, her famous pet parrot Mithu, and people from her family, village, and network. 

Bangladesh was the leading nation to dispatch Meena. When a film about her battle to go to class, called ‘Count Your Chickens’, was on national TV in 1993.

SImilarly, any 90’s kid of Bangladesh will remember Meena for sure. For instance, CD-s of Meena cartoons went viral after 2000.

meena inside the game of meena game of unicef and riseup labs
Meena jumps

How did the Meena game become a reality?

Meena Game is on well-known accounts of Meena. For instance โ€“ checking the chicken, Meena’s three wishes, nutritious food, equivalent rights, and so on. The fundamental goals of this critical game are โ€“ 

  • It depends on a remarkable idea. That is, to assist kids for addressing a particular issue or become familiar with a specific aptitude. It includes well-being, nourishment, training, gender orientation equity, security, crisis, and so forth. 
  • In addition, a computerized stage made for kids to learn issues for their good through the amusement. 
  • Internet users around the country and the world are increasing. The chances of children getting access to this game are also growing. 
  • In this social networking age, this game is an interactive platform for sure. 

Important Life Lessons Meena game teaches children

There are various reasons why people still remember the cartoon as UNICEF’s Meena-Raju cartoon. Now, it is the UNICEF Meena Raju Bangla game.

The game has simple rules to assist with playing it. Various levels address specific issues. However, players need to finish different missions to arrive at the level. And after that, help Meena tackle the problems. Youngsters can learn about various instructive substances, data, and social issues that will help their psychological development.

Impact & contribution to society of this edutainment game-

The challenge of the levels is as follows. They are all based on the cartoon itself. So, a child can now play and enjoy the game rather than just seeing it on TV.

  • Level 1- Count your chicken. This is where counting helps!
  • Level 2- Meena’s three wishes. If you rememeber the “doitto”!
  • Level 3- Will Meena leave school? Education is must.
  • Level 4: Equal rights- Dividing the mango
  • Level 5: This is against eve-teasers & player helps Meena to stop teasing girls. Raise your hands together with Meena. 
  • Level 6: Say no to dowry. Play as Meena to stop dowry
  • Level 7: Help Meena to save a life. Play as Meena to brave the storm
  • Level 8: Say no to child labor. Play as Meena to stop the Child labor
  • Level 9: Ensuring a safe baby delivery. Meena saves a mom.
  • Level 10: Helping Meena to collect nutritious food. Ensuring complementary feeding for infants
  • Level 11: Meena helping Onu, who is her autistic friend. It is about being friendly with your autistic classmates & loving friends who have disabilities
  • Level 12: Mono in Meena’s village. A naughty boy Meena wants to catch and make him understand.
  • Level 13: Too young to marry- Meena against child marriage.
  • Level 14: What to do during a flood- Meena fighting the tide with her villagers. 

So, it is evident that with every stage, there is learning. Moreover, all these are related to the childhood teaching of the Meena cartoon itself.

Why and how is Meena game famous?

The developers of the Meena Game are from Riseup Labs, powered by UNICEF.

a village scene with trees houses and grasses
The village scene of Meena

Gamification solutions services are one of the many achievements by the development team at Riseup Labs. Therefore, For 10+ years, they have been providing tech solutions. To clients such as Robi, BBC Media Action, and the ICT Division of the Bangladesh Government. 

They believe in full-stack design philosophy. For instance, there is an expert for every essential element of a project. Be it graphics, mechanics, automation, animation, virtual reality, back-end programming, marketability. Or even the art of effectively combining all of the above. In other words, into a successful video game.


The 12,000+ positive reviews of this 23MB game app on google play store speak volumes about its success. Similarly, the game is going to cross 3 Million+ downloads overall.

However, Riseup Labs is popular for “just games” too. In addition, in 2016, they celebrated the spirit of Meena as an android game. During UNICEF’s 70th anniversary.

dart with the board
Game development in Riseup Labs

In addition, they plan to create many more games. Above all, Meena Game 2 and Meena Game on Facebook Messenger is already in their To-Do list!

In conclusion, let’s finish today with this update video. And, similarly, if you have any IT-related or game development plan, you know where to find us.

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