The Meena Game: Fun and Lesson at the same time

The Meena Game: Fun and Lesson at the same time
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We all love and adore the character “Meena” from the Meena cartoon and the lessons she taught us about health, hygiene, responsibilities, and family. The Meena Game is quite similar.

Unicef did an outstanding job creating this character and portraying her in a village setting. This allowed the whole series to create awareness about the rural conditions of Bangladesh. Every episode was fun, unique, and meaningful.

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The cartoon became extremely popular in Bangladesh and was even aired in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The reason it became so popular was that every episode had a beautiful life lesson to learn. Unicef decided it was time to take it up a notch and introduce this beloved character to the digital world.

To help out with this project, Riseup Labs, a Bangladeshi technology developer company was selected. In addition, Riseup Labs did a fantastic job of bringing the Meena Game to our handheld smartphone devices. The game is a 2D platformer. Where you can swipe to make the character run and tap to interact with different objects.

The size of the game

The game is only 23 MB and is available on both apple and google play stores. It has a total of 14 playable levels with over 50 unique mini-games in between those levels and you will also find your other beloved characters like “Mithu” and “Raju” in animated form as well.

Each level has a different design. Similarly, you can ride a bicycle, a cow, and even a magic carpet at different levels. Your goal would be to collect particular items throughout each level and unlock the next one.

Yes, it is a fun game to play but is that it?

Is it just another fun game you can play on your smartphone?

Edutainment Game- The Meena Game

Of course not! The Meena Game was designed as an “Edutainment Game”. Meaning, the game has a lot more to offer and a lot more to teach. Some of the concepts here are-


For starters, the name of the first level of the Meena Game is “Counting Chicken”. That is based on the ever-popular episode where a thief steals several chickens in the village and our brave little Meena is there to save the day.

Throughout the level, you will be running, jumping over obstacles, collecting chickens, chasing the thief, and finally catch up to him. At the end of the level, you get a happy ending where you can catch the thief and save the villagers from his sneaky clutches.


Then there is the second level which is named “Meenas three wishes” and it is based on hygiene. During this level, you will be creating safe toilets and fighting off against germs using the power of soap. The game has heavily emphasized on proper hygiene and health safety by showing how the characters should always use toilets and soap


There is one level where you have to retrieve a classmate’s bag from a bully. The bully teases your friend and then runs off with her bag. You have to chase the bully, retrieve the bag, and teach the bully a lesson with the help of your friend, Mithu and Raju.


As you continue your adventures with Meena, you will find yourself chasing off bad guys who take dowry and also take a stand against early marriage.


The Meena Game will also take you to a level where you will be sharing your food with Raju as he tags along in your adventure.


On some levels, you will also have your trusty pal “Mithu” to help you. You will be allowed to play as mithu and travel to places to deliver items. You will also be accompanied by Meena’s brother Raju and Meena’s friend Onu. The idea is to show that friendship is important and teamwork does make dreamwork!

All the 14 levels have 14 different stories and one thing you will notice is that all the missions or achievement is about helping others. You save the villagers from a thief, help your friend stand up against bullies, stop bad guys from forcefully taking dowries.

And we have just talked about half of the levels! There are plenty of adventures for you to entail.

 After you finish a level you are also allowed to go check the episode on which the level is based on.

The adventures you will entail while playing this game can all be related to real life. And that is exactly what both Riseup Labs and Unicef portrayed. Children playing this game will have fun but also learn about the different aspects of society and life.

The art of The Meena Game

However, most of the kids nowadays are familiar with smartphones and gaming. Gaming is a very intuitive way of teaching kids important lessons. It is much easier to learn and has a deeper impact on the kids.

By making the Meena Game a part of gaming Riseup Labs has allowed the kids of this generation an opportunity to know more about this iconic character. Above all, the level of storytelling, animation, and the number of positive messages they have stored in this simple 2D platform game is truly impressive.

The game already has 3 million+ downloads from Google Playstore and Apple store. It also has received positive reviews and a 4.3 star on Google Playstore.


The game has proven to be a lot of fun and just about anyone can play. It has also shown what Riseup Labs can do.

Above all, they have over 10 years of experience in the field of technology development. Throughout these years they have created games, websites, made advancement in simulation technologies like AR, VR, and served international clients. They have even made VR games. And as we all know mobile gaming and VR gaming are at there all-time peak at the moment. Edutainment games like the Meena Game are also ever-popular.

So if you want to create your own game or want to invest in the gaming industry with the help of Riseup Labs then contact them right now.

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